The Alibis









Figure Me Out
©2004 Janis Carper

Listen up honey , I got news for you
I think you should know me better than you do
Say, I can teach an old dog new tricks
Dig around and find out what makes me tick
come on baby – figure me out

You think you can read me like a book
Well I think you better take a closer look
Put your spectacles on, read between the lines
You never know what you might find
Come on baby – figure me out

I want you to press me up against your window pane
Trace the shape of my soul and put me in a picture frame
Hang me on your wall
Stare me down
Analyze this work of art you’ve found
Come on baby – figure me out.

I'm so tired of being misunderstood
I think a little home-schoolin’ would do us good
Private study hall, extra recess time
You don’t even have to stand in line
Come on baby – figure me out.

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