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I'm Just Me
© 1994 by Janis Carper

Sometimes I forget to wash the windows
I don't always press your shirts just right
and you will hardly ever see me in those
lacy little negligees at night

Occasionally I will burn your dinner
some days I don't even cook at all
I know you would like me to be thinner
and always come a running when you call

But I'm just me, I am who I am
I'm just me, and I'll never feed you Spam
But I love you

Hey you could have married Betty Crocker
She could cook like mama used to do
and she's probably not much of a talker
but she could make a tasty fondue

Well you could have married June Cleaver
she'd keep your little house so neat and clean
then you could have called your kid "The Beaver"
Hey, wouldn't that be peachy keen?

But I'm just me, I'm the one you picked
I'm just me, and I can cook eggs Benedict
and I love you

Well I hardly ever polish all the mirrors
Yes, I do know what a vacuum cleaner's for
and maybe once or twice in all these years
I've organized the kitchen junk drawer. . .

I'm just me, I'm the one who's here
I'm just me, and I'll let you call me dear
'cause I love you.

I may not be good at everything, but I can sing
And I love you

My domestic skills may not get me far, but I can play guitar
And I love you... yes I love you... I love you

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